Release date:March 28, 2008
(NY; LA & SF release: April 4; Austin: April 11)

Studio:Truly Indie

Director:Bruce Van Dusen

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Josh Alexander, Rob Bogue, Starla Benford

Genre:Drama, Comedy

Official website:

Plot Summary:

All you need is a good friend to steer you wrong! When two buddies embark upon a road trip in an ancient American station wagon, they seem to be on a perfectly staffed fool's errand. The flamboyant risktaker of the pair, Colton (Josh Alexander), wants to meet the actor Donald Sutherland, and has persuaded his pal Ben (Rob Bogue) to drive him to Montreal, where Ben’s cousin is a maitre d' at one of Sutherland's favorite restaurants and can introduce him to his idol.

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