Audrey the Trainwreck

Release date:July 23, 2010


Director:Frank V. Ross

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Anthony J. Baker, Danny Rhodes, Alexi Wasser


Plot Summary:

For Chicago office drone Ron Hogan (Anthony Baker), life is fine... not great, not good, just... fine. Ron is almost 30, and on the verge of retiring any sort of dream he's harbored of a life less ordinary. At the story's outset, Ron is hanging out with coworkers at a bar when he's accidentally struck in the back by a dart. He visits the emergency room and experiences no permanent damage, yet the accident leaves him out of sync in both his personal and professional life. Ron's growing irritation leads to tension with friends and coworkers, especially with his overprotective roommate Scott (Danny Rhodes, "Stranger Than Fiction"). Suddenly Ron's love life, up to now a staid routine of internet dating, takes a positive turn when he meets Stacy (Alexi Wasser, TV's "Dirt" and "Art School Confidential"), an unlikely delivery woman who echoes his anxiety over whether the time has passed for their lives to be more than just "fine." In Ron, Stacy thinks she's found someone in whom she can confide her most personal thoughts and quiet observations, but both of them proceed with caution. Still, not even the prospect of new romance can lead Ron out of his funk, and only Scott challenges Ron to confront the sources of his unhappiness and make a radical change.

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