Alone in the Dark

Release date:January 28, 2005

Studio:Lions Gate Films

Director:Uwe Boll

MPAA Rating:R (for violence and language)

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Christian Slater, Stephen Dorff, Tara Reid, Will Sanderson, Ed Anders, Robert Bruce, Daniel Cudmore, Mike Dopud, John Fallon, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Ho Sung Pak, Malcom Scott, Darren Shahlavi, Francoise Yip

Genre:Thriller, Action, Horror

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Plot Summary:

In "Alone in the Dark," Edward Carnby (Christian Slater), detective of the paranormal, unexplained and supernatural, investigates the recent, mysterious death of a friend with clues leading to "Shadow Island," that brings him face to face with bizarre horrors that prove both psychologically disturbing and lethal, as he discovers that evil demons worshiped by an ancient culture called the Abskani are planning on coming back to life in the 21st century to once again take over the world. Based on the best-selling Atari videogame series.

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