Release date:May 22, 2015
(NY, LA)

Studio:Sony Pictures Classics

Director:Claudia Llosa

MPAA Rating:R (for language and some sexuality)


Starring:Cillian Murphy, Jennifer Connelly, Melanie Laurent


Plot Summary:

"Aloft" is a journey through the power of the mind, a journey that forces us to confront the immensity of such concepts as love, order, chaos and faith. "Aloft" is a journey into a cathedral of healing, and into a world full of belief and trust.

A mother who abandons her child for the common good; a son who abandons himself and his own ability to feel in order to bear the weight of tragedy; and a woman who abandons her life to follow her one obsession of curing herself. Three characters – complicated, human, flawed – reveal themselves to us, reflecting on the difficult balance of creating a full life while assuming its fragility and uncertainties. Three characters whose belief will channel the life and light within them; whose faith and pragmatism open themselves to self-realization and understanding.

Jennifer Connelly, Cillian Murphy and Mélanie Laurent star in this character-driven and mythic film. Set in the immense, raw beauty of the Arctic north, Claudia Llosa jumps between the past and present to weave a magical and otherworldly tale of loss, grief, and forgiveness.

ALOFT is a journey to the infinite, into the absolute whiteness where there is nowhere to hide. "Aloft" is a journey back to ourselves.

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