Allah Made Me Funny

Release date:October 3, 2008

Studio:Unity Productions Foundation

Director:Andrea Kalin

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Azhar Usman, Bryant Moss, Mohammed Amer


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Plot Summary:

Constructed around the standup routines from the trios' live show of the same name, "Allah..." spearheads the newest generation of comedy that is quintessentially American. Whether it's inviting the audience to write the joke on airport security themselves, or sheepishly admitting that four wives would be three too many, the trio gets the audience laughing so hard, they're neither afraid nor offended. "The comics — one African American, one Arab American and one South Asian American — show the great diversity of Islam in America," says Michael Wolfe, Co-Executive Producer at UPF. The film allows humor to speak for itself, pausing between acts to give a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the comics’ family lives and the work that goes into their show, including the laughter in their homes and on the road. But it's the comics themselves — and the personal experiences they shamelessly twist into standup fodder — who relate to viewers of all backgrounds, unifying through mirth.

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