All the Old Knives

Release date:TBD

Studio:Amazon Studios

Director:Janus Metz

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Chris Pine, Thandie Newton, Jonathan Pryce, Laurence Fishburne

Genre:Thriller, Action

Plot Summary:

A big screen adaptation of "All the Old Knives," the upcoming thriller by Olen Steinhauer. Set for publication in 2015, the novel is officially described as follows: In the idyllic town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, two ex-lovers meet for dinner and to reminisce. Celia retired from the CIA five years ago in order to raise a family, while Henry has never left Vienna station, still mired in that world of secrets and duplicity. Among their memories is the disastrous hijacking of Royal Jordanian Flight 127, which ended in the deaths of all passengers and crew, as well as the hijackers. It's a failure that haunts Vienna station to this day. Henry has come to dinner to finally close the book on that seedy chapter of their history. One of them is not going to survive this meal.

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