All the Light in the Sky

Release date:December 20, 2013

Studio:Factory 25

Director:Joe Swanberg

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Jane Adams, Sophia Takal, Kent Osborne, Allison Baar, Simon Barrett, Lindsay Burdge, Larry Fessenden, Lawrence Michael Levine, David Siskind, Susan Traylor, Ti West


Plot Summary:

Jane Adams ("Happiness," HBO’s "Hung") stars as an actress living in Malibu who faces harsh realities of the industry as her age exempts her from more and more acting opportunities. Amidst this career and life crisis enters the actress’s niece, played by Sophia Takal ("Green," "Gabi on the Roof in July," "V/H/S"), who arrives for a weekend stay and ushers in a complex prism of emotional insecurities. Can the actress confront her fears, complicated relationships, and figure out how to navigate mid-life in Hollywood?

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