A Wolf at the Door

Release date:March 27, 2015

Studio:Outside Pictures

Director:Fernando Coimbra

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Leandra Leal, Fabíula Nascimento, Milhem Cortaz

Genre:Drama, Thriller, Suspense

Plot Summary:

Based on real events, and set in Rio de Janeiro, "A Wolf at the Door" is the nerve-rattling tale of a kidnapped child and the terror of the parents left behind. When Sylvia (Fabíula Nascimento) discovers her 6 yr old daughter has been picked up at school by an unknown woman, police summon her husband Bernardo (Milhem Cortaz) to the station for questioning. There Bernardo confesses his extra-marital affair with Rosa (Leandra Leal), whom detectives believe to be involved in the kidnapping.

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