A Touch of Sin

Release date:October 4, 2013

Studio:Kino Lorber

Director:Jia Zhangke

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Wu Jiang, Vivien Li, Lanshan Luo


Plot Summary:

The latest feature from maverick filmmaker Jia Zhangke ("24 City," "Still Life") is a scathing portrait of modern China and the violent impact (and hefty human sacrifice) of the Chinese economic boom on its own citizens. Following four characters from different provinces, the film tells the story of a miner as he revolts against corruption, a migrant worker who finds possibility in a gun, a receptionist at a sauna assaulted by a rich client, and a young factory worker desperate to improve his situation. With stories drawn from real-life Chinese headlines, Jia Zhangke has built an angry, gritty, gorgeously shot drama that traverses the lurching superpower from Shanxi coalmines to the gaudy brothels of Dongguan.

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