A Previous Engagement

Release date:May 9, 2008
(NY, LA)

Studio:Buccaneer Films

Director:Joan Carr-Wiggin

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Juliet Stevenson, Tchéky Karyo, Daniel Stern, Valerie Mahaffey

Genre:Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary:

When Seattle librarian Julia Reynolds (Juliet Stevenson) talks her unadventurous, jigsaw-obsessed husband Jack (Daniel Stern) into a once-in-a-lifetime vacation on the Mediterranean island of Malta she has a secret agenda: a date made twenty-five years earlier with her first love Alex (Tcheky Karyo). But she's stunned when the sexy Frenchman not only shows up but insists she's his true love, even though he brought his latest young girlfriend (Kate Miles) along. Did they really live the wrong lives? When Alex storms their holiday villa shouting his love, fantasy becomes reality. What happens when your husband discovers you've been sneaking kisses under the bed with an old boyfriend? The absent-minded, flat-footed insurance man takes action, transforming himself into a new man and getting dance lessons inside and out of the bedroom from an ex-chorus girl (Valerie Mahaffey). With one last day in Malta Julia must choose between the husband she never really knew and the man she's dreamt of for twenty-five years.

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