A Farewell to Fools

Release date:March 7, 2014

Studio:Monterey Media, Inc.

Director:Bogdan Dreyer

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for a violent image and brief strong language)


Starring:Gerard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Laura Morante

Genre:Drama, Comedy

Plot Summary:

Set during World War II, somewhere in Romania. A German soldier is found dead near a village, and the local authorities must finger the culprit or they will all be shot by Nazis the following morning. There's no way to identify the guilty party, but there is Ipu (GĂ©rard Depardieu), the madman of the village, who the town leaders, led by Father Johanis (Harvey Keitel), pressure to claim responsibility for the soldier's death and die to save their skins. A farce seen through the eyes of a young village boy, we witness the comedy and horror of human nature as the villagers manipulate one another-even the ones you'd least expect ...

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