7 Boxes

Release date:February 7, 2014

Studio:Shoreline Entertainment

Directors:Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schembori

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Celso Franco, Víctor Sosa, Lali Gonzalez

Genre:Thriller, Action

Plot Summary:

Víctor, a 17-year-old wheelbarrow delivery boy, dreams of becoming famous and covets a fancy TV set in the infamous Mercado 4. He's offered a chance to deliver seven boxes with unknown contents in exchange for a quick $100. With a borrowed cell phone the contractor uses to tell him the way, Víctor embarks on the journey. Crossing the eight blocks of the market seemed easy but things get complicated along the way. There is something in those boxes that starts a high-speed wheelbarrow chase in the secret and gloomy corridors of the market. Without even realizing, Víctor and his pursuers will get involved in a crime of which they know anything.

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