Mercy (IFC)

Release date: April 30, 2010

Studio: IFC Films

Directors: Patrick Hoelck

Starring: Scott CaanErika ChristensenJames CaanTroy GarityDylan McDermottAlexie GilmoreWhitney AbleWendy GlennJohn Boyd

Genre: Drama Romance


MPAA Rating: R (for language)

Plot Summary: "Mercy," a classically swooning love story from actor/writer/producer Scott Caan and noted fashion photographer Patrick Hoelck in his feature debut, follows Johnny Ryan (Caan), a successful young romance novelist who doesn't believe in love. At the launch party for his latest book, Johnny’s world is suddenly turned upside—down by the beautiful and mysterious Mercy (Wendy Glenn), who also happens to be the only major book critic who dislikes his work. Their casual flirtation turns into a passionate affair and it isn't long before Johnny, against all his better instincts, finds himself falling in love. Lushly directed and featuring a moving on—screen collaboration between Scott and his father James Caan, as well as a stellar supporting cast including Dylan McDermott and Erika Christensen, "Mercy" explores the struggles of maintaining a relationship, and the ever—present danger of losing it all.

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