5 Broken Cameras

Release date:May 30, 2012

Studio:Kino Lorber

Directors:Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi

MPAA Rating:N/A




Plot Summary:

Burnat is a Palestinian farmer who lives with his wife and four small children in the village of Bil'in in the central West Bank. Teamed with Davidi, the two men document Burnat's experiences with his neighbors, the Israeli army, and Israeli activists as his village is increasingly drawn into a multi-year conflict over the construction of a barrier that will confiscate much of the village's cultivated land. His "five broken cameras" are all shot or smashed in the course of non-violent demonstrations by the villagers, from 2005 through 2010: olive trees are burnt; buildings are bulldozed; and lives are lost. "5 Broken Cameras" takes an international tragedy and reframes it in light of its impact on one man's family. In Israel, the subject of the occupied territories is hotly debated on a daily basis. The Israeli organizations, Yesh Gvul and Combatants for Peace, both work closely with a variety of peace activists and veterans in support of young Israelis who refuse to serve in the territories.

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