Dormant Beauty

Release date: June 6, 2014

Studio: Emerging Pictures

Directors: Marco Bellocchio

Starring: Maya SansaIsabelle HuppertPier Giorgio BellocchioToni ServilloAlba Rohrwacher

Genre: Drama


MPAA Rating: N/A

Plot Summary: Isabelle Huppert ("Amour," "The Piano Teacher") and Toni Servillo ("The Great Beauty," "Gomorrah") star in Italian master Bellocchio's compelling ensemble drama in which characters in three interrelated storylines struggle with the moral impasses and compromises of modern life. The film's point of departure is a real-life right-to-euthanasia case that became a national controversy in 2008, culminating in a Parliamentary vote. Against this backdrop Bellocchio explores the differing values and outlook of young and old, reactionary and idealistic: that of a senator (Servillo) with a passionately pro-life daughter (Alba Rohrwacher, "I Am Love") preparing to cast his vote on the issue; a retired actress and devout Catholic (Huppert) who tends to her own comatose daughter; and a troubled young doctor (Bellocchio's brother, Pier Giorgio) who tries to help a suicidal methadone addict (Maya Sansa, "Good Morning Night").