Get Your Official Basket Case Belial Pin

Pinhead Co. offers a limited edition Basket Case pin collectible

Director Frank Henenlotter’s blackly funny and splatterific 1982 horror comedy cult classic Basket Case is beloved by so many, mainly due to the malevolent creature at its center: the deformed and toothy Siamese twin killer beast Belial, who his brother Dwayne keeps in a wicker basket.

I mean, come on, we all love Belial and now, Pinhead Co. – an entity that as it promises, trades exclusively in collectors pins you can stick on whatever garment you want – has released an officially licensed Basket Case collection of pretty proper Belial pins.

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Each Belial pin comes packaged in a custom handmade real wicker basket with miniature padlock (keys to unlock included) to keep Belial locked inside as well as a miniature one sheet replica poster! Each basket is handmade so no one piece is alike as each is piece individually unique. This regular version is limited to only 200 numbered pieces.

Pin Size – 2.5″

Process – Hard Enamel

Metal Finish – Black Nickel Metal

Double Posted with Rubber Backings

Basket Size – Approx. 4″x3″

As Christmas is coming, why not drop a few dollars and get the horror fan in your life their very own Belial pin? Get yours soon before they’re gone!