You Must Remember This: Shock Guests on the Great Film Podcast

Do you listen to You Must Remember This? Created, written and hosted by incredible film critic and author Karina Longworth, You Must Remember This is an essential and entertaining journey through cinema. Exploring “the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century,” this engaging work is far more than simple discussion. It is biography, radio play and more. The first episode which hooked me was the May 2014 installment on famed horror producer Val Lewton. Just over a year later, in the midst of You Must Remember This‘ latest season, “Charles Manson’s Hollywood,” I was privileged to guest on the show as the first person to go to jail for a Charles Manson-associated murder, Bobby Beausoleil. 

“Charles Manson’s Hollywood” explores the Hollywood movie and music scene surrounding Charles Manson. Part 6 gets into Bobby Beausoleil and his time with both Manson and towering cinematic cult figure, Kenneth Anger, the “child actor-turned-occultist experimental filmmaker, and author of the first bible of embellished celebrity scandal, Hollywood Babylon.”

As always, the latest episode of You Must Remember This is a stirring listen, one I’m very fortunate to be a guest performer on. 

You can listen to “Charles Manson’s Hollywood Part 6: Kenneth Anger and Bobby Beausoleil,” and learn much more about You Must Remember This right here. You can also subscribe to the series and listen to its dense catalog on iTunes.