Scream the TV Series: Ti West to Direct

Ti West, the filmmaker behind indie horror favorites House of the DevilThe Innkeepers and The Sacrament has announced his participation in Scream the TV Series

West will helm an unnamed episode of Scream the TV Series. He writes, “The first movie I drove myself to see when I got my license was @wescraven‘s SCREAM. Now I’m directing part the TV Series. Life is weird.”

West joins Honeymoon‘s Leigh Janiak, both of whom will be welcome as the pilot (though fun) does fall a bit flat in the atmospheric terror department. West’s peer Adam Wingard (You’re Next) also comes to TV in 2015, directing episodes of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast on Cinemax. West’s latest film, the Blumhouse-produced western In a Valley of Violence is awaiting release. 

Scream the TV Series, about a group of high schoolers in the town of Lakewood who contend with a Ghostface killer, premieres Tuesday, June 30th on MTV. Below, find a series of images and expect a full review tomorrow.