Some Kind of Hate: New Poster for Anticipated Supernatural Slasher

After a Stanley Film Festival world premiere, supernatural slasher Some Kind of Hate is next up at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. To celebrate the screening, on July 26th, a new poster for the anticipated film has hit. 

On track for a release from Image Entertainment this year, Some Kind of Hate is a brutal, affecting tale of wayward youth. Intimate and often quite nasty, Some Kind of Hate tells the story of a troubled teen who’s subjected to severe bullying.  He accidentally conjures Moira Karp, a teenage girl pushed to commit suicide by bullies years ago. Moira is now a vengeful and unstoppable force on a mission of gruesome retribution.  But when she goes too far, Lincoln must prevent her from spiraling out of control.

Some Kind of Hate stars Ronen Rubinstein and Disney stars Sierra McCormick (as Moira) and Grace Phipps, as well as Noah Segan and Michael Polish. For more, see our Q&A with McCormick about her killer turn. Find the poster, from Brandon Schaefer, below.