Scream the TV Series: Bella Bites it in the Opening Scene [Watch]

Initially reported as something of a ‘recreation’ of the now iconic Drew Barrymore opening of 1996’s Scream, the first minutes of MTV’s Scream The TV Series are revealed to be more “in the vein of.” The terribly popular Bella Thorne steps in as the guest star willing to be brutally murdered and Scream The TV Series is off to a bloody start.

Is it a great start? That’s debatable. Having seen the pilot (full review TK), Scream the TV Series gets much better than this introductory sequence. While fun, the bit does fall prey to glossy television aesthetic at times, which hurts suspense. Still, a few things here are quite fun. The killer’s manipulation of technology finally feels current. Thorne is totally game. And the new Ghostface is an eerie presence. 

Scream the TV Series premieres June 30th on MTV