The Hive: Nerdist to Release Sci-fi Horror this Fall

A Fantastic Fest premiere last September, director David Yarovesky’s sci-fi horror The Hive will hit this fall via Nerdist. 

The geek-centric entertainment hub, known for podcasts, videos and more will release The Hive this autumn in theaters and on demand. It’s their second dip into distribution, following a partnership with Tribeca to release the terrific role-playing dark comedy Zero Charisma. In the film, “Adam, a teenage camp counselor wakes inside a boarded up cabin, with absolutely no memory of who he is or where he is. The only clues as to who he is and what’s happening are messages Adam has scrawled for himself onto the walls and disturbing changes to his physiology. As he begins to piece together the events that led him to his strange imprisonment, he realizes that the only memories he does have are not his own, and they may be the key to his survival.”

Nerdist head Chris Hardwick says, “This movie is so much damn fun. The first time I saw it, I was blown away by how fresh and inventive the story was, which is no small feat in horror. I knew right away I wanted to help get this movie into the eyes and earholes of horror fans.”

Find images from The Hive, below. The film will have a presence at next month’s San Diego Comic-Con before release.