In the Deep: Orphan Director ‘Circling’ Shark Thriller

Jaume Collet-Serra broke out in horror. His House of Wax is an entirely undervalued contemporary slasher, while his Orphan was a glorious killer kid summer surprise. Soon after however, he abandoned the genre for a different kind of golden trash: the B-action thriller. Can we find a happy medium? 

Deadline reports Serra is “circling” In the Deep, an intimate thriller about a shark circling a young woman trapped on a (presumably) circular buoy, with the frightful animal between her and shore. The site writes the Tony Jaswinski-penned spec script was “described as tonally similar to a cross between 127 Hours and Jaws, with a touch of Gravity thrown in for good measure.” Hopefully the Gravity touch is a nautical phantom George Clooney guiding her with motivation. 

Serra isn’t officially on, but it’s nice to imagine him back on something more vicious than his Neesons collaborations. Eli Roth recently signed on to helm giant shark film, Meg, while just this past weekend was the 40th anniversary of Jaws