Rampage: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to Star in Monster Mash Video Game Adaptation

The obvious joke here is, “which monster will The Rock play?” I can tell you there’s nothing I’d like to see more however than a werewolf Dwayne Johnson demolishing buildings for fun. 

After breaking out of a cast, and punching through a volcano, Dwayne Johnson has set his sights on 1986. The star is currently set to develop and lead a Big Trouble in Little China remake, and news has just broke he’ll star in an adaptation of the Midway favorite, Rampage, about a trio of monsters climbing buildings and punching the shit out of them. 

Deadline reports plot is under wraps on the film, but it seems likely it will at least involve the trio of said monsters climbing buildings and punching the shit out of them. The monsters include George, Lizzie and Ralph, a giant gorilla, giant lizard and giant werewolf, respectively. Ryan Engle, of Non-Stop, scripts. Again, it’s likely The Rock will play some dude caught in the monster party, but can’t we have the gift of him joining it instead?

New Line and Beau Flynn produce. Rampage is expected to get underway after production on Fast & Furious 8