Der Nachtmahr: Trailer for Drugged Out German Horror

A drugged out, hard partying descent into madness is in order in Der Nachtmahr, the new horror from filmmaker and visual artist Akiz Ikon. Based on the director’s short film of the same name, Der Nachtmahr has got a pulsating first look now online. 

Starring Carolyn Genzkow, Der Nachtmahr concerns “Tina, a 16-year-old girl who seemingly has everything a young teenager could ever ask for. After a massive party one evening, however, she begins experiencing nightmares in which she is haunted by an unusual creature. As reality and dreams collide, Tina finds herself befriending the monster and forging a relationship that will change the lives of everyone around her.”

Der Nachtmahr looks like something, for sure. The film recently World Premiered at Filmfest in Munich. No word on upcoming U.S. festival dates just yet.