The 25 Goriest Shots in Horror

While a lot of us just like to be scared out of our wits, there’s a subset of the horror community that relishes blood and guts like one would savor a fine meal, and clocks kills like a track and field coach times the 100-meter dash. If that describes you, then we have just what the doctor ordered, namely twenty-five peerless images from some of the bloodiest, goriest movies we’ve ever laid eyes on… and no, that does not mean we cut out our eyeballs and laid them on a physical copy of the film, but that’s a healthy start.

Check out the gallery below for The 25 Goriest Shots in Horror, and be forewarned that this is extremely NSFW, and not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like grisly scenes of mutilated bodies you might want to sit this one out… and watch The Last Unicorn or something.