Image Takes Psychic Rage Film, June

Hopefully, 2015 brings back psychic rage. The wonderful subgenre that often sees young children harness telekinetic powers and lay waste to adults and peers alike is alive in The Mind’s Eye (from Almost Human‘s Joe Begos) and L. Gustavo Cooper’s June, which has been acquired for release by Image Entertainment. 

In June, “June is an innocent nine-year-old orphan girl who shares her body with Aer, an ancient supernatural being whose mission is to destroy mankind. When June is adopted by a loving family, she must battle with Aer to save her new parents and herself.”

“L Gustavo Cooper brings a new twist in this coming-of-age films,” says Mark Ward, RLJ Entertainment’s Chief Acquisition Officer for the Image brands. “With a great cast and a unique story, June will give fans a new perspective to the genre.”

For more on June, see its trailer below. For more psychic rage, check out Marina de Van’s Dark Touch, which was underrated in 2013. 

JUNE Official Trailer #1 (2014) HD from L. Gustavo Cooper on Vimeo.