Watch: The Gallows Goes Backstage; A Sinister Father’s Day

Two new teases from summer Blumhouse horrors The Gallows and Sinister 2 have come online, the latter a darkly funny Father’s Day tie-in. 

Hitting this July and August, respectively, The Gallows and Sinister 2 are looking to make this summer a supernatural, spooky one. Will they succeed? That’d be nice. I like The Gallows‘ atmosphere and ambition to make dead student Charlie into something of an urban legend, not a simple haunting. You aren’t supposed to call out to him. He drops a noose. It’s neat campfire stuff that hopefully works in the film. Here, two students are simply traversing the backstage and tunnels of an empty school. Again, naturally creepy stuff that hopefully hits the mark. 

Meanwhile, Ciaran Foy (Citadel) directs the sequel to Scott Derrickson’s Sinister. That film saw a demon cull young children from their newly massacred families. Gramercy Pictures (the Focus Features label releasing titles like Insidious: Chapter 3 and Sinister 2)  has cheekily released a Father’s Day-themed teaser for the film. If you’re into killer kids (and hey, you should be), the vibe is fun. 

The Gallows, about a long-dead student haunting a high school theatre production is out July 10th. Sinister (Electric Bughulloo) is out August 21.