Top 10 Camping Nightmares

Why anyone chooses to go camping remains a mystery. This fact is readily apparent to horror filmmakers, who have been churning out woodland cautionary tales for decades. While a “return to nature” is a spiritual requirement for some, those looking to frolic amongst the leaves and streams would do well to remember what these movies have taught us. The wilderness provides many places to hide for a potential slasher or wild creature looking to wreak havoc on your hippy dippy fun.

In short: maybe you should stick to the beach.

Since it’s summertime, we here at Shock thought it best to re-iterate this forewarning, wagging our collective fingers at you like Crazy Ralph. Here are ten camping nightmares that will make you think twice about staking that tent in a nearby national park. Because you never know who or what is spying from the trees… 

Jacob Knight is an Austin, Texas based film writer who moonlights as a clerk at Vulcan Video, one of the last great independent video stores in the US. You can find find him on Twitter @JacobQKnight.