Vin Diesel: Last Witch Hunter Sequel ‘Commencing’

Vin Diesel may play the titular Last Witch Hunter in this fall’s upcoming action-horror film, but he’s been known to cast a sort of Facebook spell himself. Now infamous for seemingly willing his work into existence—be it involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or his general PMA—Diesel has announced a Last Witch Hunter sequel is already being planned.

Taking to Facebook, Diesel writes:

So the studio apparently is so excited by the Last Witch Hunter – The Axe and Cross franchise… that they are already commencing on the next one. The first one doesn’t hit theaters until October 23rd, yet they want me to commit and already block out time to film it. As always, I love to hear your feedback…

Will Diesel bring his axe and cross to a second film? It certainly makes sense Lionsgate hopes to have a hit on their hands. Diesel could also be stoking the fires himself, which rules. If another film promises more period-piece bearded Diesel, I sure as hell hope so.

In the upcoming film, an immortal witch hunter (Diesel) partners with his natural enemy, a female witch (Rose Leslie), to stop the covens of New York City from unleashing a plague on humanity. Breck Eisner directs, while Elijah Wood and Michael Caine co-star. The Last Witch Hunter is out October 23rd.