Rob Zombie’s 31: An Unrecognizable Malcolm McDowell Revealed

Aristocratic, unrecognizable and truly mad, Malcolm McDowell’s Father Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder in Rob Zombie’s 31 has been revealed. It certainly seems the most adventurous collaboration between actor and director. 

McDowell of course essayed Dr. Loomis in both of Rob Zombie’s Halloween films, putting in an arrogant, intense performance as the fictional psychiatrist. By and large however, he simply was an older man. Here, McDowell is clearly playing a mad person, the orchestrator of 31‘s Murder World and the titular game. In the film, five people are kidnapped in the days leading to Halloween and ultimately must navigate the structure whilst participating in the dangerous contest. 

We’ve seen a lot of different looks from Rob Zombie’s 31, which range from the gristle of his more regular 70s era atmosphere to the kvlt nature of something like Lords of Salem. Here, he’s going real over the top, and it’s exciting. Alchemy will release 31 in the U.S.