Philippe Mora’s The Growling to Expose Society’s Werewolves

Phillippe Mora, director of ludicrious shapeshifter horrors like The Beast Within, The Howling II and The Marsupials: The Howling III is returning to his lycan legacy with The Growling, a seeming mock-doc revealing much of the world’s governments and high society as run by werewolves.

Having set up a GoFundMe for production, Mora disregards perks and concept art for a description best left to the mad moviemaker:

I have written and/or directed over 40 films and I have a soft spot for the offbeat ones that took on a life on of their own: like HOWLING 2 and HOWLING 3. What people do not know, and what I reveal in detail for the first time in my new film THE GROWLING, is that werewolves actually exist.

Ok, yes. Please continue…

I do not know why, but I have been legally released by my undertaking in 1984 to three governments to never disclose that they are real. It’s a truly shocking history, but with my new film I can now reveal that many historical figures and current politicians, world leaders, scientists, movie stars, comedians, religious leaders, executives and others, both savory and unsavory, are lycanthropes. In this film I will take you into the startling MONDO WEREWOLF. Because of the seriousness of the revelations the only way to make the film without censorship is to seek funding from you, the public.

Special note: Early scenes have so shocked a few of my friends that paramedics will be standing by now at all screenings.

You can learn more, but not much, about The Growling here. Appropriately, Scream Factory releases Mora’s The Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf to Blu-ray this July 14th.