New Photos: Fear the Walking Dead

The hook of AMC’s upcoming LA-set The Walking Dead spin-off is its setting in the days just before, and during the zombie apocalypse/outbreak; essentially, what Rick Grimes power napped through. New photos from the series then, expectedly aren’t so grim, but stand to prove there was a life before bicycle girl zombie, and little girl zombie, and all the other zombies hanging around.

The new looks are at the family, school and love lives of main characters played by Cliff Curtis, Alicia Dabnam-Carey, Kim Dickens and Maestro Harrell. The series’ six-episode first season will see the ensemble struggle through the initial spread and confusion and death it causes. AMC is premiering the series, produced by Gale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicotero, and showrun by David Erickson, this summer. No premiere date just yet, but it’s likely that’ll be revealed in the run up to, or at, San Diego Comic-Con.

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