Exclusive Clip: The House with 100 Eyes is a Grisly Place

A noticeably nasty snuff-based horror comedy, The House wth 100 Eyes is out from Artsploitation Films next Tuesday, June 16th. Get a load of its guts in our exclusive clip…

There’s a clear dark humor, and maybe camp, to the clash in the raw aesthetic and heightened performance of The House with 100 Eyes. That grin is undercut, quite literally however, when a bound teen’s abdomen is sliced into. Is this only a gross tease of what this film is up to?

In The House with 100 Eyes, “Ed and Susan are just your average, middle-class American suburban married couple: they have their quirks, their romantic moments, their hobbies. One of these hobbies has even turned into a small business venture for the couple…because Ed and Susan are also serial killers who sell snuff videos of their crimes through the internet underground. Since Ed is determined that their next video will surpass all of their previous work, he has decided that it will feature three kills in one night – but after they abduct their intended victims, things don’t go as planned.”

Jay Lee and Jim Roof direct from a script by Roof. Artsploitation Releases The House with 100 Eyes June 16th to DVD and On Demand.