Exclusive: Hellions, Nightmarish Halloween Horror out in September

Afer a World Premiere in the Midnight section of this past winter’s Sundance Film Festival, Canadian director Bruce McDonald’s Halloween fever dream Hellions is coming from IFC Midnight this September. 

Infrared-lensed and nightmarish in logic, Hellions will hit theaters and VOD September 18th from IFC in the U.S. and Whizbang in Canada. In the film from the director of Pontypool and writer Pascal Trottier, “It’s Halloween night in the town of Waterford, the so-called Pumpkin Capital of the World. Alone at home, teenager Dora Vogel is about to have a very long night. Free to roam undetected among the small town’s trick-or-treaters, a group of masked demonic beings knock on unsuspecting Dora’s door. Before long, she is cut off from the outside world, under siege in her isolated home for reasons she does not understand. Alone in the dark, Dora will need to defend both her body and her soul from the relentless evil beings known as hellions.”

I loved this film. It has the eerie, phantasmagorical atmosphere of Eurohorror and one of the coolest looks in contemporary horror. It’s strange and sensory, and the Hellions themselves are creepy little things. Find images, below and look ahead to spooky season with our full review here.