Must-See Goodnight Mommy out this September

It Follows isn’t all Radius-TWC has up their sleeve. The must-see Austrian nightmare Goodnight Mommy, from directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, has been announced for a September release. 

Goodnight Mommy, about two young siblings and the horrifying mistrust that invades their home following their mother’s surgery, is horrifying stuff. The massively unsettling movie has really gotten under some skin at festivals like TIFF, Fantastic Fest, AFI, New Directors/New Films and Stanley. It’s artful, shocking and features one of the most primal screams I’ve ever heard in a film. 

Radius will open Goodnight Mommy theatrically on Thursday, September 11th. It’s a film that likely won’t have the crossover of It Follows, but deserves as much of the buzz. Find images and a clip from its TIFF premiere, below.