Der Samurai Exclusive Clip: A Rude Awakening

Der Samurai is a strange, feverish piece of work. The German import, on DVD, Blu and VOD from Artsploitation June 9th, is a night-long odyssey for a frustrated cop on the hunt of an alluring, androgynous killer, outfitted in a white dress and brandishing a sword. Shock Till You Drop presents an exclusive clip from the film, surveying the damage he does.

Der Samurai is really quite something; animalistic and hazy, and ultimately concerned with the harmful effects of repression and all that boils beneath it. In the film, Jakob is a policeman in a village deep in the woods, where little happens until the arrival of a mysterious wolf that is causing havoc. Working the night shift, Jakob is tracking the wolf…only to discover that the lupine lurker is actually a man clad only in lipstick and a ladies’ slip, and toting a samurai sword that he uses to lop off the heads of the townspeople, including Jakob’s tormentors. Jakob and the transvestite samurai seem to share a bond, and as the night gets darker, events get even weirder.

For more on Der Samurai, visit Artsploitation and find images, below.