The Rock wants John Carpenter in on Big Trouble

It’s hard to imagine anyone less riled up about an impending Big Trouble in Little China remake than original director John Carpenter. We should all have the Zen of the master filmmaker, who’s already seen a number of his great works reimagined. Would he even be interested then in having input on the recently announced remake, a developing project between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz? Likely not, but it’s heartening Johnson wants it.

Speaking to EW, Johnson touched on both the big response the remake new received. “I loved reading the reactions from the fans, that they were so polarized – I’m the same way,” the San Andreas star says. “My response is: know that I come to the project with nothing but love and respect for the original, which is why we want to bring on John Carpenter.”

Possibly even more inspiring? Johnson seems to have perspective, thanks to his love of the original film. He adds, “Let’s see what feels good, what we can come up with and then go from there. And as we write it, if the whole thing starts to stink up, then we thank everybody for their efforts and accept this just couldn’t make it.”

In the developing Big Trouble in Little China, Johnson would take over as Jack Burton, the dopey Pork Chop Express driver played to perfection by Kurt Russell in the 1986 film.