SUSPIRIA: Early Looks at Upcoming Synapse Restoration

Home video wizard Don May, Jr. is currently hard at work on what is likely one of the most anticipated titles in Synapse history: the 4K restoration Blu of Dario Argento’s immortal Suspiria. Though restoration and color isn’t final, the Synapse founder has been sharing images from the process, giving many a look into just how splendid the Italian horror classic will look come release. 

“Here are some sample test images created for sizing, basic color, etc. Certainly not final color, or final restored images (we still need to do restoration,and boy does this film need it). Just posting them here, so you can see some samples of the preliminary work,” writes May. Both very active on his own account and the Synapse page, May is a constant source of both inspiration for genre lovers as well as real insight into the masterful work he and peers do—see this crazy, detailed update on Popcorn progress, for example

There’s no release date for Suspiria just yet (“we are busting our asses to put out the best version of SUSPIRIA since the first prints were struck back in ’77, and we will not rush it to make a release date.“), but these preliminary looks anticipate a must-own edition. If you’ve never seen Suspiria, it is an essential title from Italian horror master Dario Argento, the colorful, kaleidoscopic and nightmarish tale of a young dancer and the sinister school she attends in Germany. 

Find the Suspiria images, below and visit Synapse on Facebook here