There are Four Good Horror Films out Today

Hungry HeartsInsidious: Chapter 3The Nightmare and We Are Still Here are all out as of June 5th. It’s an embarrassment of riches. 

2015 just might prove to be a special year for genre fans. It Follows broke through. Spring swooned. Backcountry gave us an unreal, likely historic cinematic bear attack. That’s not to mention all that’s to come including The WitchThe HallowHellionsFelt and The Midnight Swim. We’ll likely not agree on everything (what’s the fun in that), but it’s a seriously exciting time that is often consistently characterized as not. 

Case in point: This weekend. Just today, four really strong horror films hit. Hungry HeartsInsidious: Chapter 3, The Nightmare and We Are Still Here are all striking, different pieces of genre cinema and all worth supporting. And feel free to use this space, not an article but a central reminder and forum, to come back and discuss them once you’ve watched. Let’s get into it. 

Reviews, interviews, clips are linked in the gallery, below.