Final Destination Creator Adapting Original Script to Novel

Final Destination creator and Tamara writer Jeffrey Reddick was the guest on last week’s Movie Crypt, the ever popular, often revealing podcast hosted by Hatchet’s Adam Green and Everly’s Joe Lynch. Midst the two hour talk (typical length for the show), Reddick touched on his original draft of Final Destination, its differences with what we saw and how we might read it yet… in novel form.

In a fan question segment on the show, a Movie Crypt listener asked Reddick about the Tamara novel, in which Reddick and co-author J.D. Matthews adapted and expanded on the writer’s 2005 high school horror tale. Reddick discussed his experience and went on to say, “We’re [Reddick and writer Justin Marchert] doing a book adaptation of my original draft of Final Destination

For fans of the series and Reddick, this is likely a cause of excitement. Elsewhere in the show, Reddick talks the evolution of the 2000 favorite, explaining the Rube Goldbergian hook of death’s design was largely added when filmmakers Glen Morgan and James Wong boarded the project. Reddick’s original vision of Final Destination saw Death torment the kids who cheated it, leading to suicides. This sounds a darker, more personal interpretation of the story. It’s definitely a curious one.

As per usual, the episode is lengthy and raw, with Reddick discussing the trenches of Hollywood and more. You can listen in full at Geek Nation. No projected date for the novelization, yet.