Rob Zombie’s 31: Schizo-Head Unveiled

Sex, Death, Doom and Schizo. Those are the heads that make up some sort of figurative hydra of serial killers in Rob Zombie’s 31. Get a new, clear look at the latter. 

Writer-director Zombie shared the new look from 31 today via Facebook, as per usual. Played by David Ury, Schizo-Head amounts to one of Murder World’s killer clowns, his overalls and body paint a Zombie-esque perversion of flower power era. Murder World is the structure which five kidnapped victims must navigate in Halloween night in the film. Ury stars alongside Malcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Judy Geeson and Richard Brake in the film. Eg Daily, Torsten Voges and Richard Brake play his fellow Heads. 

Alchemy has already acquired Rob Zombie’s 31 for U.S. release. No date just yet.