Wes Craven’s Shocker: Scream Factory Reveals Blu Art

Scream Factory, the horror and cult label favorite, is building quite the Craven collection. After a 2013 Collector’s Edition of Wes’ 1982 religious cult film Deadly Blessing, the distributor is returning to the director this summer with releases of The People Under the Stairs, The Serpent and the Rainbow and now, 1989 supernatural slasher, Shocker.

Hoping to launch a new slasher series, Craven wrote and directed Shocker for release in October of 1989. The film may not have hit as intended, but has since become a favorite of Craven fans, joining the nuttier side of his filmography (appropriately with Serpent and Stairs) and featuring arguably the best slasher theme song there is.

In Shocker, ‘about to be electrocuted for a catalog of heinous crimes, the unrepentant Horace Pinker transforms into a terrifying energy source. Only young athlete Jonathan Parker, with an uncanny connection to Pinker through bizarre dreams, can fight the powerful demon. The two dive in and out of television programs, chasing each other from channel to channel through stunning scenes of disaster, game shows and old reruns.’

Pinker is played by none other than X-Files actor Mitch Pileggi. Below, find the newly unveiled art for Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition of Shocker. Of course, also find the Dudes of Wrath’s ultimate banger.