Watch: Short Comedic Gore Fest, Bad Guy #2, Now Online

Impalement. Dismemberment. Acid Bath. Director Chris McInroy’s splattery short Bad Guy #2 gets real gross in its brisk runtime. Now it’s online for the world to see.

A bevy of SFX, Bad Guy #2 is a silly, comedic gorefest navigating the ranks of cinematic henchmen with chainsaws, cleavers, toxins and peeled skin. The film premiered at last September’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas and has been hitting festivals ever since (including Montreal’s upcoming Fantasia). McInroy has shared the film in full for a limited time, in support of a crowdfunding campaign for his next splatterfest, Death Metal.

Rapidly approaching its $7,700 goal on Kickstarter, Death Metal aims to be a ‘comedy short film about a young metalhead who gets handed down a guitar by his metalhead dad who got it from his dad and so on and so on. This badass guitar comes with some rules though. And of course our irresponsible metalhead hero doesn’t follow those rules and the carnage begins.’

As with Bad Guy #2, McInroy promises practical, with the same SFX team on board, as well as a real battle axe of a guitar.

If so inclined, you can find the Death Metal campaign here, and get real red with Bad Guy #2, below.

Bad Guy #2 from Chris McInroy on Vimeo.