Exclusive Nightmarish Clip: We Are Still Here

This Friday, June 5th, director Ted Geoghegan’s acclaimed festival favorite We Are Still Here hits from Dark Sky Films. It’s a strange, spooky piece of cinema that’s alternately atmospheric and brutal, twisting classical elements of the haunted house into New England terror. Its ghosts are unusual in their fiery physicalized presence, while one of the film’s most striking moments—its nightmare sequence—builds to a refreshing, unsettling end. Shock is presents an exclusive look at the scene and We Are Still Here.

We Are Still Here stars Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig as Anne and Paul Sacchetti, who relocate to the snowswept New England hamlet of Aylesbury after the death of their son. When strange sounds and eerie feelings convince Anne that her son’s spirit is still with them, they invite an eccentric, New Age couple (Larry Fessenden and Lisa Marie) to help them get to the bottom of the mystery.

Part of that eerie sensation is the ensuing nightmare, one whose final beat is a weird chill in the age of digitally blackened eyes. “The nightmare sequence in We Are Still Here is meant to feel different than traditional dream sequences,” Geoghegan tells Shock. “It cuts back and forth from dream to reality, and the viewer – much like in real life – is unaware that they are experiencing a nightmare until it ends. The scene was there from the very first draft, as I’ve always loved the idea of the juxtaposition of a strong, middle aged man being torn apart by the terror of a nightmare.”

We Are Still Here opens this Friday at New York City’s Cinema Village, Los Angeles’ Laemmle Music Hall, VOD and iTunes. For more, see Shock’s embracing review of the film here.