Release, Exclusive Stills: IFC’s Revenge Horror, Bound to Vengeance (aka Reversal)

A World Premiere in the Midnight Section of this past January’s Sundance Film Festival, Bound to Vengeance (formerly Reversal) hits late this June from IFC Midnight and aims to upend expectations of the captive thriller.

The hook of Bound to Vengeance is that it starts where many others might end, with a final girl brutally escaping the grips of her captor. “However, after discovering she may not be the only victim, Eve unravels a darker truth and decides to turn the tables.”

Written by Rock Shaink, Jr., and Keith Kjornes and directed by J.M. Cravioto, Bound to Vengeance stars Tina Ivkev and Richard Tyson. IFC Midnight releases in theaters (NYC’s IFC Center) and on VOD June 26th.

For more on the film, see our talk with Cravioto, photos below (the first three of which are exclusive to Shock) and our review out of Sundance.