The Green Inferno: Blumhouse to Release Roth’s Cannibal Film this September

Eli Roth waited a good while to get back into the director’s chair for The Green Inferno, and in turn audiences have had to wait a good while to see it. The filmmaker’s Amazon-set nod to the Italian Cannibal film hit a snag when distributor Open Road removed it from its release schedule (it was originally slated for September 2014). Now, Blumhouse, the production outfit largely responsible for most wide release horror these days, has stepped in to distribute the much anticipated fright film.

Roth announced via Facebook today that The Green Inferno will release via Blumhouse Tilt this September 25th. You can see the announcement video, below. 

A far less harsh, but no less gross, entry in the Cannibal subgenre, The Green Inferno finds a group of misguided student activists head to South America to protect the jungle and a dying tribe. When their plane goes down however, the kids are captured and taken hostage by the cannibalistic natives they attempted to save.

The Green Inferno world premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and went on to play New York City’s Lincoln Center, as well as secret screenings at Fantastic Fest and the 2014 Stanley Film Festival. It’s no cruel picture like its Italian-made forebearers. Instead, The Green Inferno is very much a cannibal movie made by Eli Roth; gory, darkly funny and with nihilistic humor strewn throughout. It’s certainly been a wait (Roth’s latest film Knock Knock already premiered at this past winter’s Sundance Film Festival), but will likely be worth it for many.


BREAKING: The Green Inferno IS COMING SEPTEMBER 25TH! Saved by Blumhouse Productions, COMMENT AND SHARE with your excitement! Thank you everyone for your unending support, it helped save this movie!!

Posted by Eli Roth on Monday, June 1, 2015