Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Set for Release


Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Set for Release

Hellraiser: 30th Anniversary Edition remastered soundtrack coming this September from Lakeshore Records

The amazing industrial experimental band Coil (of which noted genre scholar and author Stephen Thrower was a member) was hand-picked by Clive Barker to score his first film, 1987’s Hellraiser (an adaptation of his story The Hellbound Heart). However, that score was rejected and American composer Christopher Young was called in to write a new score. And as much as we love Coil, we’re glad Young swooped in. Because Young’s music is a startling collection of themes and cues, featuring evocative orchestral passages swelling with Gothic choirs, ascending notes, operatic percussion and Wagnerian pomp. And during its quieter moments, it feels like a rotting children’s music box from hell, gentle and evil. It’s a masterpiece and its a major part of the identity of Barker’s maiden voyage masterpiece.

Now, 30 years after audiences first fell under its haunting spell, Lakeshore Records will release the Hellraiser: 30th Anniversary Edition, remixed and remastered from Young’s original 24-track, 2 inch reel-to-reel analog tapes. The soundtrack will be available digitally and on CD on September 15th and the vinyl LP will release on October 6th. Mondo Records will also be releasing their own limited edition LP version at a later date TBA.

The retail version of the vinyl release is presented on 140g Multi-Colored Translucent Red with Black Smoke Vinyl with a 4-color printed disc sleeve featuring the long lost original theatrical sales sheet. The release also includes digitally restored original artwork and photography from the film’s archives.


01. Hellraiser
02. Resurrection
03. Hellbound Heart
04. The Lament Configuration
05. Reunion
06. A Quick Death
07. Seduction and Pursuit
08. In Love’s Name
09. The Cenobites
10. The Rat Slice Quartet
11. Re-Resurrection
12. Uncle Frank
13. Brought On By Night
14. Another Puzzle

You can pre-order the Hellraiser: 30th Anniversary Edition soundtrack here!