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Gravetrancers: Writer and film critic Mark L. Miller unleashes his latest horror comic

Horror culture enthusiasts who get their intel from the weird wide web no doubt know who Mark L. Miller is. Better known under the alias Ambush Bug, Miller has been reviewing horror films, primarily via Aint It Cool News, for over 10 years. But many fans don’t know that Miller is also a prolific comic book creator, with titles like “Pirouette,” “Occupy Comics,” “Jungle Book” and more winning acclaim in many circles. Now, Miller has a new horror-ific comic set to release, a four-issue miniseries from Black Mask Studios called Gravetrancers, a story that echoes the antics found in the horror musical Repo! The Genetic Opera but with a vibe and attitude all its own.

Synopsis: Maribel and Anthony are in search of the grave of their dead father, not knowing that they are stumbling into a graveyard owned by an eccentric clan of grave-robbers who’ve devised a highly-addictive drug made from human remains–and the fresher the corpse, the stronger the dose. What started out as an attempt to reconnect with the past becomes a descent into a psychedelic, neon-colored nightmare—will Maribel and Anthony find their way through the hallucinogens or will they become the next hit? 

Miller describes Gravetrancers as a “Grindhousey throwback horror story filled with diabolical and exciting characters, unexpected twists, and visuals that have never been in comics before.” James Michael Whynot handles the wild art, the colors are by Dee Cunniff, and the letters by Jim Campbell.

You can sample the book and order the first issue now by dropping by going HERE and, if you’re heading to the San Diego Comic-Con this year, you can meet and hang out with Miller at his 10th annual “Reinventing Horror in Comics & Film” panel on Friday July 21, 5-6pm, Room 23ABC.

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