Watch the Official Puppet Master: Axis Termination Trailer Now!


Watch the Official Puppet Master: Axis Termination Trailer Now!

Puppet Master: Axis Termination is the 11th Puppet Master film and we have a look at the official trailer

Venerable exploitation film production house Full Moon Features, the studio birthed by Empire Pictures founder Charles Band and nurtured with help from his father Albert Band (I Bury the Living, The Hellbenders) and composer brother Richard Band (Re-Animator), continues to make movies and merchandise based on their beloved franchises. And no property is more popular and lucrative for the studio than the Puppet Master series, the 11th of which — Puppet Master: Axis Termination — has just released its official  trailer.

In this final chapter of the Axis Saga — which began with Puppet Master: Axis of Evil and continued with Puppet Master: Axis Rising — everyone’s favorite pint-sized puppet anti-heroes — Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, Jester, Six Shooter, and Leech Woman — join forces with a secret team of psychics working as Allied Operatives. Teaming up with Toulon’s bloodthirsty marionettes, these unlikely allies face off against a new pack of evil Nazis and their even more malevolent Axis Puppets in a showdown that will decide the future of the free world!

Check out the trailer below. Despite its lower budget (something that Full Moon is saddled with these days), this one looks pretty slick and weird and the good news is that Richard Band is back to do the score. He’s one of horror and dark fantasy’s greatest sonic architects and new music from the man is always exciting. Have a look. And a listen…

Puppet Master: Axis Termination will be released via Full Moon’s Amazon Channel and on Blu-ray and DVD later this year. There’s also a big budget Puppet Master remake en route starring Barbara Crampton and Udo Kier and written by Bone Tomahawk‘s S. Craig Zahler, making 2017 part of a wild Puppet Master renaissance!

Are you a fan of the Puppet Master series? Will you be watching this latest entry?

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