Freakish Season 2 Video Announces New Cast Members


Freakish Season 2 Video Announces New Cast Members

Freakish: Hulu and AwesomenessTV’s hit zombie series returns with new cast for a second season

Billed as The Walking Dead by way of The Breakfast Club, Hulu‘s hit series Freakish is prepped to return for a second sick and silly season with 10 half-hour episodes. In case you missed the first round, Freakish follows a group of students doing time at detention on a Saturday at Kent High. When a nearby chemical plant explodes, they must work together to find a way to survive when their fellow students are turned into shambling zombie monsters.

In season two, the Kent High School students are still trapped inside by the deadly explosion and will find their relationships tested when a new group of survivors arrives. Friendships will be lost, enemies made, and ventures outside into the dangerous unknown will present life and death stakes for the students.

Leo Howard, Liza Koshy, Adam Hicks, Tyler Chase, Meghan Rienks, and Melvin Gregg will reprise their roles. Freakish was created by Beth Szymkowski who will return as executive producer alongside Shelley Zimmerman, Chris Grismer, Kay Reindl, Erin Maher, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola, and Brett Bouttier. Freakish is produced by AwesomenessTV. Season 1 of Freakish is currently streaming on Hulu.

Today, Hulu announced a slew of new cast members for the second season, outlined below and in the spooky video at the bottom of the page. And yes, Jake Busey IS among that new cast, in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren’t, but hey!

Freakish Season 2 new cast includes:

*Brant Daugherty @brantdaugherty (Pretty Little Liars) has been cast as JAKE – Birdie’s (played by Tati Gabrielle) brother-like figure and fellow Keller Chemical experimentee. Jake was a soldier before the lab. He rescued Birdie when the explosion happened, and they met up with Earl amidst the chemical fog. He’s become Earl’s right-hand man, but only as long as it serves his ultimate goal, to get Birdie out of the valley and to a new life.

*Ryan McCartan @mccarya (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) has been cast as OLIVER “OLLIE”– Anka’s older brother and heir to the family empire. He comes from a wealthy family and has always costed by on his family’s name. He’s always been able to trust his sister, but the apocalypse brings secrets to light that damage that trust.

*Saxon Sharbino @saxonpaigesharbino (Poltergeist) has been cast as ANKA– The favored daughter of a wealthy family, Anka is smart, manipulative and always two steps ahead of the pack. She’s fiercely protective of her brother Ollie. There’s nothing she won’t do to defend her family.

*Niki DeMartino @niki has been cast as SADIE – A couple days into the apocalypse and Sadie is already over it. A recent Kent High transfer student, Sadie passes the apocalypse by listening to music and ignoring pretty much everyone. However, she starts to develop romantic feelings for Diesel, unaware that he’s still grieving Natalie’s death.

*Jordan Calloway @j_calloway6 (Riverdale) has been cast as ZANE HIATT – Violet’s ex-boyfriend is a player whose handsome face and smooth demeanor are hard for most women to resist. A part-time college student and security guard at Keller Chemical, Zane is able to take charge and lead a group to safety after the explosion. He’s still in love with Violet and is determined to get her back even though she has feelings for Grover.

*Amanda Steele @MakeupbyMandy24 has been cast as HAILEY – A normal girl who had her future planned out before the apocalypse disrupted it. She has no real survival skills, but is sweet and kind. One of us in the midst of the apocalypse. Earl saved her life and therefore treats her like she owes him her life. She’s obsessed with Birdie and will do whatever it takes to stay with her and leave Earl behind.

*Jake Busey @TheJakeBusey (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) has been cast as EARL – He’s an avid hunter and fancies himself a survivalist who saw an opportunity to prove his mettle when the plant exploded. Earl is ruthless, immoral, and has a penchant for knives.

Are you a Freakish fan? Will you be checking out the second season when it premieres this year?

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